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Our feature-rich platform provides the complete solution for Ad Serving, Tracking and Managing performance systems. Our clients manage, deliver and monitor all online marketing activities whilst optimising efficiency, delivering the best user experience and above all optimising results. It puts you in control of the tools that enable you to analyse your marketing efforts and optimise your campaigns to achieve higher conversions and better performing ads.

Bespoke Cusomisation


With our extensive experience in the the Gaming, Forex and Financial Services markets, the cellxpert platform is built with these industries in mind. The platform delivers tracking and affiliation management specifically tailored to these markets and offers flexible commission structures with multiple hybrid plans that perfectly suit client’s needs in these markets.


Our solution can be implemented off-the-shelf to have your affiliate program or network up and running in next to no time. For those clients that need something a little more bespoke, our platform can be fully branded to meet your brand requirements and customised to cover your back end data requirements. Flexible on the outside and powerful under the hood our dynamic platform will scale with you as your business succeeds and grows.



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Bespoke Cusomisation


Designed and built with the user in mind, our super-fast intuitive interface and swift deep reporting increases productivity by putting the information needed clearly and simply in front of the user with tools that can be easily implemented and configured with minimal application / network interference. You’ll see patterns and trends quicker and will act on them faster meaning increased productivity and higher ROI.


The heart of our platform is in it’s powerful reports engine. Fast, comprehensive and extremely detailed deep reporting with intuitive multiple views that increases productivity means you spend less time creating reports and more time analysing them enabling you to identify and respond to your data faster and more accurately. Saving the reports that you run most often offers you one-click access to the most relevant informational breakdowns that you need to efficiently conduct your online business.


Having the most up-to-date information available puts you in the better position to optimise your campaigns. Reacting to what happened yesterday means you’re not reacting to what’s happening now. With real-time tracking the cellxpert platform enables you to react quickly and take advantage of trends and patterns in your data allowing you to optimise your online activities in the most relevant and effective way possible.

Real-time tracking


Administering and locating marketing tools can be time consuming and tedious. With this idea at the core, enabling you to upload multiple marketing assets in packages and allowing you to write over existing campaigns means you can get the assets into the system faster and have your campaigns up-to-date and relevant for all your ad positions in one administration. Easy to use and user experience oriented, searching for marketing assets is fast with clear previews of creative and comprehensive details for each asset.

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Mobile Tracking


With mobile usage in month-on-month growth and statistics showing it at anything from 30-45% of all online traffic, our platform enables you to track and analyse your mobile traffic effectively with full and independent tracking of your mobile traffic with our Mobile SDK. Now you can optimise and target your mobile online activity more accurately and efficiently.


Help is always available to you with 24/7 round the clock support. Contact us via telephone, email or browse our extensive knowledge base and help section to get answers to all your questions. Whenever you need us, we’re here helping you deliver the best results for your business.

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